the pursuit of pleasure...

My happiness, is my

My pleasure, well...
that’s open for negotiation.

Images are obsessions, passions or items I covet along with sensual sexy people & absolutely erotic images; The hot & smoldering, the thermonuclear & the downright white heat wicked nasty.

It is….an addiction.

This is my darker side, my alter ego that has started to explore.......everything!

This desire to seek personal pleasure is not from a “little-girl” inside of me, but rather the needs & wants of a grown woman who knows what makes her sigh, gasp, hum, tingle, writhe, grind, breathe slower, get wet.

I absolutely believe a woman should be elegant, classy & smart on the street & on the arm of her man, but she should also be wanton, naughty, a freak, a bad girl - a whore behind closed doors.

The giving should be as intense & pleasurable as the receiving.

Deeply Passionate.
A Work in Progress.
Straight white female who through her journeys this far knows exactly what she doesn't want (anymore) what she will not settle for (EVER again) .

NSFW & NO ONE UNDER 18! I don’t claim to own any of the photos. Posts are from Tumblr & the internet. I don’t claim ownership of anything. If we have a problem, approach tactfully. Thanks.

Please don’t follow or contact me if you’re under age.

Just move along…You know the drill!!


Time to drift ~H ♥∞………

A little deep meditation♥

A little deep meditation♥

Compleeeeetely worn out.
Hot bath.
Chilled wine.
Good tunes.
Crisp sheets.
Who knows?!…….

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Just waiting to be torn open!♥

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…no complaints, nor regrets♥∞

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Drink freely the wine life offers you and don’t worry how much you spill.
~Marty Rubin~


#SPA-Francorchamps #Belgium

~Bring it on!!!!!!!!!!!

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Knock knock baby!?

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Live by this every day.
(…the boss is not a fan!) LOL!

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Stunning patterns created by artist Mikhail Sadovnikov 

It amazes me how much order is created by relatively small disturbances in a spinning system.  It seems to refute chaos; more order from actions of disorder.  So beautiful.  Watching it happen is to see a miracle occur, the revelation of a secret.


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To all my fabulous followers!!!♥….

To all my fabulous followers!!!♥….

Let’s do this!

Let’s do this!

I sure could use a vacation from this
Three ring
Circus sideshow…
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Time to runaway ~H♥!!!!

Stress relief for two!

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Back to work tomorrow… this might help tonight.

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